4.5 Rated

AikShpere’s E-log rated 4.5/5.00 by service owners around North America. Ratings are securing more confidence in the minds of our team.

Safety First

We are constantly one step ahead for safety of data for our customers; always entirely confident we are doing it right. We’re always prepared.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Be connected with your drivers & fleets at all times as AikSphere’s GPS Tracking System provides you real time updates and alerts.

About AikSphere Group

We at AikSphere (E-log) deliver projects that sets benchmark across multidisciplinary segments. We span across North America and have a base of 3842 satisfied customers since 2006. From Tracking to electronic logging, we understand all the needs of transportation industries. At AikSphere, we deliver innovative solutions for transportation industries using cutting edge technology. We have a team of dedicated professional that provide integrated solution to ensure safety and continuity of tracking without breaking.


Lucia Penelope

Finally the ability to track our trucks and driver, for all intents and purposes, stopped all employees from running personal errands on company time.

Mark Dorsey

I am very happy with the service you and your company provides. I love the E-log program… it really helps in scheduling and planning.

Key Differentiators

- Installation of hardware is easy and takes less than 10 minutes per truck
- Diagnostics information is provided in addition to location
- Hardware, Software and Services are offered as fully Integrated Market-ready Solutions
- Updated through a link that shows consignment and driver's place in real time

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