Fleet Compliance

One platform ELD solution

Automate compliance with HOS, DVIR and IFTA to ensure processes are hassle-free and timely.

Submit accurate data


Keep your fleet safe, productive and operational through Fleet Compliance over non-inspected vehicles, incorrect IFTA reports or inaccurate logbooks.

Hours of Services (HOS)


Electronic driver logs eliminate the hassle and the costs associated with paper logs. Our software was designed with drivers in mind, which will provide them with considerable savings in terms of time and effort: save as much as 30 minutes a day per driver.



• More simple and hassle-free HOS process
• Fully Compliant with FMCSA’S 395.20 regulations.
• Software is Canada-USA Driving rules embedded.
• Saving time and money by eliminating 2.5 hours a week of data entry
• Improvement of driver’s safety and productivity
• Avoiding hours of service violations
• Eliminating costs associated with breaches in compliance
• Adoption of environment friendly business practices

About ELD Mandate


Electronic logging will become mandatory by the end of the year in the United States. Once the ELD Final Rule takes effect on December 18, 2017, all commercial motor vehicles (CMV) will be required to comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulation within two years. This will replace all existing paper logs used to record Hours of Service (HOS). Canada will also be considered by this rule in the coming months. Be prepared from now and go paperless!