We didn't invent mouthwash...

Just the best mouthwash dispenser ever! With 1 out of 3 employees citing bad breath as the least attractive trait of their coworkers, you're going to be creating fans out of your customers and your team members. The addition of a custom mouthwash created just for you is truly going the second mile, and it’s easy too.

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to:
- Attractive, integrated design
- Precision, no-mess shut off
- Battery-less operation
- Quick, wall-mounted installation

Security is Key

We don’t mess around when it comes to security. Or should we say, “securi-key.” We know there are some crazies out there. Yeah, we’ve all heard the story about the guy that tries to steal mouthwash and drink the whole bottle. Unfortunately for him, our mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol, and it's also tamper-proof.

Each dispenser comes with a locking system and security key that prevents the public from getting the mouthwash bottles out of the dispenser and from putting any contaminants into the bottle.

Dispense 1,000,000 Cups

We all know that your customers love one thing...okay, well, they love the food, but based on our research, they also love dispensing personal-size mouthwash into those little paper cups. We’ve literally seen customers walk out of the restrooms and tell their friends how awesome the mouthwash is - no kiddin’.

We’ve also seen them say so on facebook, blogs, and twitter. In fact, we know that they love it so much, they're going to be coming back for years. Luckily, our state-of-the-art dispenser can deliver the perfect amount of mouthwash over a million times, every time. That’s enough mouthwash to fill a swimming pool; not that we’re suggesting you should.

Can I Get a Refill?

Everyone wants a refill of their favorite mouthwash, especially because it has its own custom flavor that’s made right here in the good ole USA. By that I mean the mouthwash flavor because everything else comes from our friends in Korea because they're awesome.

In order to satisfy your thirst for tasty mouthwash, we ship (6*) bottles of our secret sauce with every order! That’s right! You get not one, not two, but six bottles; thats twinsies times 3!

*Just in case you can’t read the word “six” we put some legal footnote-age right down here to say that we will give you a numerical set of 6 (that’s the number) bottles of mouthwash with every order.

A Health Choice

When you go out to eat you unknowingly lower the pH levels in your mouth. On average, it will take about 20 minutes for your body to neutralize this acid, and overtime it can cause irreversible erosion to the enamel of your teeth.

When your customers use a quality mouthwash after eating, it instantly neutralizes the pH in their mouth and eliminates the acid. Mints leave behind sugar that will increase tooth decay. Mouthwash, however, will clean the teeth of bacteria and help remove food particles that cause bad breath.


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