Truck Loans

TEJ Truck Loans & Leasing understands the trucking industry of North America and our Canadian economy. The movement of goods across the vast continent is only possible because of individuals and companies like yours. Our commitment to you, is to provide the ‘custom designed’ financial support package that you require, without any delays and downtime for your business.

Our Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated staff at the truck loan centre are here to support you. They will go into detail during our initial consultation so you understand exactly what we need in order for us to be able to expedite your loan approval, please provide the following three items;

1. Completion of a credit application
2. Industry experience (job letter and/or pay stubs)
3. Truck details (what are you looking to buy and where you want to buy it from)

Instant Credit Approval

To receive your free, no commitment quote for your unique business needs please click here to download our PDF credit application.

Let TEJ Truck Loans & leasing become your best business partner, providing you with the lowest rates in the industry.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, you can call us at (905) 247-0549 or email us directly

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